Women Cotton Ultra Thin Night Sanitary Pad

Sanitary Napkin is a soft product worn by a woman to absorb blood during her period (=blood flow each month).

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Product Introduction

The functions of sanitary napkins are to absorb and retain menstrual fluid, and isolate menstrual fluids from the body. Important and desired properties are: no leakage, no unaesthetic appearance or color, no odor, no noise, stay in place, comfortable to wear (thin body shape), and a high level of hygiene.

Women Cotton Ultra Thin Night Sanitary Pad1

Sanitary Napkin Features

*360 Breathable Honeycomb: Good ventilation, 360 comprehensive care and sleep all night.
*No Fluorescence: No impurities and sensitizing additives, pure care, bring more sense of security.
*SAP+Fluff Pulp Super Absorbent: Large suction capacity is not afraid of leakage, soft comfortable protection, sleep all night.
*Advanced Material Production: Super soft non-woven top-sheet quick absorbing to keep dry.
*Ultra-thin Experience: On the premise of ensuring absorptive capacity, it brings a safe and comfortable experience.


How to Use Sanitary Napkin

*Remove the backing paper from the sanitary pad.
*Place the sanitary pad on the crotch or the gusset area of the panty.
*Remove the paper from the centre of the pad.
*Flip open the wings and stick them to either side of the panty.
*You can adjust the sanitary pad to place it in an effective position. It shouldn’t be riding up your back or covering your front too much, it should be right underneath to absorb all the period blood.

Sanitary Napkin Specification

Product Name




Absorbency  (ml)


Sanitary Napkin

155, 240, 280, 290,320, etc.

Topsheet: Organic cotton topsheet.

Absorbent core: Fluff pulp with tissue paper.

Backsheet: Biodegradable material


Customized bag+carton box

How to Choose Sanitary Napkin

Every woman is unique in herself, and so is her body’s way of reacting to periods. This is one of the reasons why so many types of sanitary napkins are available in the market.

Your preference is unique because it depends on factors such as skin type, body shape, and flow. Respective priority levels of these factors shape a woman’s choice of sanitary pads.

Here are three important things to note when choosing a sanitary pad:
*Good Absorbency
One of the most important elements of a good sanitary pad is the ability to absorb a large volume of blood in a short span of time.

*Length and Flow
Blood discharge is usually heavier at the start of your period, so it is essential to choose a pad that can quickly and effectively absorb your flow.

*Material Comfort
Sanitary pads are either made of cotton or plastic netted. Everyone’s skin is different, thus the comfort levels with certain materials differ as well. Some girls prefer a soft touch whilst others may prefer a netted top layer.

Factory Workshop

Founded in 2014, Weifang Panda Import and Export CO., LTD. started as a solution for adult incontinence with Adult Diaper and Underpad in Shandong, China. We now produce a complete line of adult and pet care products with the capability to customize every detail from the size and absorbency to the look and feel.

Our main products include: Adult Diaper, Adult Pants Diaper, Adult Diaper Insert Pad, Underpad, Pet Pad, Baby Diaper, Baby Pants Diaper, and Sanitary Napkin, etc.

Weifang Panda is not only going to be a reliable supplier, but also a trustworthy partner with you. We sincerely hope you could join us and work for a win-win future!



We have strong technical support and obtained European CE certification, FDA certification, ISO Quality assurance certification, and is designed to meet and exceed its stringent quality control standards.


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