Disposable Puppy Pee Pad for Dog Potty Training

A new puppy brings so much joy into a household, and all the hard work that goes into training him within the first few months and years of his life pays off when you find yourself enjoying life with a loving, well-mannered companion.

And puppy pee pads are convenient and relatively simple to use. There are three main ways that dog pee pads can be used for canines. These options include puppy potty training for a new puppy, increased security for car travel, and for elderly dogs with mobility problems.

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Product Introduction

Puppy pee pad is one way to help teach your puppy where it is appropriate to use the bathroom. And the puppy pee pad is a very absorbent premium pad for dogs made up of 6 layers. Suitable for toilet training your puppy.

Disposable Puppy Pee Pad for Dog Potty Training1
Disposable Puppy Pee Pad for Dog Potty Training2
Disposable Puppy Pee Pad for Dog Potty Training3

Puppy Pad Features

*Non-woven Top Sheet: Soft and breathable, enable fluid to pass through quickly and keep the surface dry and comfortable.
*Absorbent Core: Pulp mixed with super absorbent polymer to absorb the fluid quickly to prevent leakage and wet surface.
*PE Back Sheet: Prevent any leakage.


Puppy Pad Applications

*To protect the floor.
*To keep the seat clean when you take your puppy out or travel.
*For puppy potty training.
*To keep puppy bed clean.


Puppy Pad Specification




Total Weight


Fluff Pulp

SAP     (g)


Disposable Puppy Pad



China Fluff Pulp

or          Imported Fluff Pulp




Plastic Bag / Carton Box / Woven Bag




Puppy Pad Water Absorption Test

Through our water absorption test pictures, we can find: If the dog steps in his pee, we can be confident he won’t track it across the floor – even when the pee pad is almost full.



We have strong technical support and obtained European CE certification, FDA certification, ISO Quality assurance certification, and is designed to meet and exceed its stringent quality control standards.


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